Music became to the world since wmen lives in the world. And that's the truth, because womens can sing and pipes thats also music. Not everyone understand that it got a lot of music typs but if you listen to music and compare it with a other music you can hear that the beat in the background is different !

Oldschool songs you can recognize most at the videos, its from the 80/90's time. Old school have an context with Hip Hop. When someone talks about old school then it means its something special because it is a culture who never gonna die !

The most populat old school rapper and artist  :

The Notorious B.I.G , 50 Cent , Nelly, Usher, 2pac

B.I.G : „ Big Poppa " 

2Pac :  „ Hail Mary "

 two legends 🖤


Trap you can recognize at the backround of the music what typ it is and trap is my favorite music type! Here we not talkin about the old trap in the 90's  but about trap in the 2010's that have to do with bass drums. The new trap is also called „ EDM " =  Electronic dance music 

The most popular artists from trap:

Migos, Travis Scott, Bryson tiller, Rihanna and more  ( trend 2016/2017/2018 )

Travis scott : „ Goosebumps "

Rihanna :  listen at 1:09' „ needed me "

Migos :  very clear to hear that is trap „ ric flair drip "


Hip Hop is the most popular sounds in the 50-70/80's becaus in this time everyone just dance hip hop at the street. Hip Hop is still popular and its gonna be forever a legend music typ. Hip Hop is a element about Rap (MCing), DJingBreakdanceGraffiti-Writing und Beatboxing

 The Hip Hop started in the Bronx at the 1970 - 1979. And the artist DJ Kool Herc was one of the first Hip Hop artist. 

The most popular Hip Hop artists :

Eminem :  „ lose yourself "

Dj Kool Herc : „ b-boy "





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