Ju-Jitsu is a fun sport for youngsters from ten years old




and for adults.




In this sports discipline there are a lot of different levels called Kyu or Dan. Oh I've forgotten to say, that everybody has to wear a belt. All levels have another belt with a different belt colour. There are sixteen levels/belts (also in my judo school). At the beginning there are the learner levels. The test for this level happens in the own school.

  • Yellow belt
  • Orange belt
  • Green belt
  • Blue belt
  • Brown belt 

 After the learner levels follow the master levels. These tests are organized by the Swiss Judo & Jiu Jitsu organisation. 

  • Black belt 1
  • Black belt 2
  • Black belt 3
  • Black belt 4
  • Black belt 5
  • Red-white 1
  • Red White 2
  • Red White 3
  • Red 1
  • Red 2 

I currently have a white-yellow belt so there is a lot to learn for me :o)



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