Welcome to my website about the team celtics, i write intresting things about the team celtics and the players 

At The Moment are the Celtics at the first place in the Nba with 39 wins and 15 defeats. The best player in the team is kyirie irving. The next game is at the 6. febraur aigainst toronto raptors, at 1:30 in the night. the biggest player in the team is aron baynes with 2.08 meters 


History: arnold "Red" Auerbach was the best coach of celtics ever. he died at the 28. oktober in 2006 Washington. he coached the team 16 years long, his treadmark was to smoking a cigar. thats why the logo got a pipe in the mouth. he was 1 of the 10 best coaches in the History of nba. the founder of the team was Walter a Brown. the celtics is one of the oldest basketball teams in the nba. The currently owner of the team is wycliff grousback. 


General:  The staduim of the celtics is tagged TD garden. the team is there since 6. juni 1946. they play in the nba leauge. at the moment is the trainer brad stevens. the celtics got 31 titles, 17 championships and 21 conferencetitles. the Team colours are, Green, Black, Gold, White and Red. 





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