The Process

  1. Choose a group of five students to work with.
  2. Drive from one destination to the other and solve every task before continuing.
  3. Conduct a preliminary internet search.
  4. If search yields adequate information try to solve the tasks; If search does not yield adequate information go to step conduct an in depth internet search.
  5. Bookmark any sites you find to be especially useful.
  6. Always one of your group should be responsible for a specific topic and should be able to present  one of these facts about the "Dust Bowl", the Alamos, New Mexican architecture," The land of enchantment",  and Arizona's nature
  7. You will present your poster of conserving water all together

Learning Advice

Help everyone remember their group roles. Keep a good record of the sites you have located which contain useful information. You may want to visit these again and much time can be spent relocating sites. Keep focused on the key questions and write down your answers completely and clearly. This information will be used when you write your newsletter articles.

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