History of television

Preliminary note: Although the article History of Television outweighs a chronological narrative, it is primarily thematically structured. A chronological list of events can be found under Chronology of Television. Furthermore, the following article does not present the technical innovations separately for each country. The article deals mainly with developments in the German-speaking area.


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1 development

1.1 The image decomposition

1.2 Electronic image decomposition and reproduction

1.3 Development to the mass medium from 1950

2 color TV

3 color television systems

3.1 NTSC


3.3 PAL

3.4 General development

4 transfer forms

4.1 Satellite TV

4.2 Cable TV


6 Deregulation, convergence, digitization and interactivity

7 Teletext

8 TV Museums

9 See also

10 References

11 Web Links

12 documents

Development [edit | Edit]

The image decomposition [edit | Edit]


Schematic representation of a Nipkow disk

The ability to scan images point by line and line-by-line and to transmit the brightness values ​​electrically, as well as the benefits of such a technique Alexander Bain pointed out in 1843. The first useful realization invented in 1883 Paul Nipkow. His electric telescope, which with the help of a rotating disc (Nipkow disc), which was provided with spirally arranged holes, decomposed or reassembled images into light-dark signals, he applied for a patent on January 6, 1884. According to the ideas of Paul Nipkow reach the beginning of the 20th century, the first television picture transmissions. Paul Nipkow is therefore referred to as the inventor of the first practical realization of television.



TV picture on a television with Nipkow disk (vertical line arrangement)


Memorial plaque at the house Rognitzstraße 9 in Berlin-Westend


However, Nipkow himself never realized his idea; at that time there was still no suitable way of amplifying it, and the then only known light-sensitive cell, the selenium cell, was too slow for television broadcasts.







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